Scott Free

My most current project is a YA thriller, SCOTT FREE, that explores how far someone will go for vengeance, and examines the often blurred line between the law and justice.

In SCOTT FREE, seventeen year old Jack Scott will always blame himself for his sister Sarah’s disappearance and murder.  When her killer gets off scot-free due to a legal technicality, Jack is consumed with a growing rage and a need for vengeance.  With nothing to lose, Jack, along with fellow Victims of Homicide support group members, start a website listing the names of criminals who have escaped justice, his sister’s killer among them.

When the website, called Scot-Free, gains in popularity, and criminals named on the list start turning up dead, Jack is contacted by their killer and finds himself drawn into the dark world of a vigilante killer intent on pursuing his own form of justice.  The stakes are heightened when another little girl goes missing, just like Sarah, and the clock is ticking as Jack is faced with the decision to either embrace the darkness within and partner with a vigilante or find his own way to redemption.



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