About Me

Well, I love to write, and what better topic to explore than myself!  Typically I write about everything and everyone but myself, covering everything from local news to how-to articles, blog posts, website content, fiction, copywriting….the sky’s the limit!  I’ve been published in local and regional newspapers, in national magazines and on countless online sites.  My real passion, though, is fiction.  After nearly raising a family of four children (all teenagers now – pray for me!), I’ve finally started doing the writing that means the most to me.  I’m currently working on several fiction projects and plan on continuing in this vein until I either get published, or concede defeat!  I’m hoping for the former, but life is always interesting and I’m not ruling anything out.

My life outside of writing and photography has been full of ups and downs and twists and turns.  I’ve tackled so many projects and learning new skills I’ve given up trying to keep track of them.  Basically, I’m not a sit down and do nothing kind of person, I like to keep busy and keep things moving.  Life’s too short to spend it sitting around waiting for something to happen to you – I prefer to create my own opportunities.  So far it’s worked out pretty good.

If you’re looking for someone to do some copywriting, editing, writing or photography, please contact me for rates, clips and past projects at amyhoguewrites@gmail.com.  If you’re just browsing and happened across my site – enjoy!



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